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More YouTube for the 'shippers out there: [Aug. 21st, 2006|09:57 pm]
Harry Potter - One Last Breath

Harry Potter - Inside us All

Harry Potter - Because of You

and one for the Buffy/Spike shippers. Song makes me sad :0(

Buffy and Spike - My Immortal

Okay - I admit it. I'm a sucker for sad song and a well put together video.
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Question for console game players [Aug. 21st, 2006|02:26 pm]
I'm thinking of buying another console and need advice as to which one you think is best. It's going to be secondhand and hopefully not too expensive. What would you recommend? I've been looking at the PS2 because I like the look of Kingdom Hearts and would love to give the game a try. I don't like shoot 'em up or fighting games. My favourite Nintendo games include Zelda, Mario, Banjo Kazooie - see a pattern? Those are the type of game I'd be looking to play on a new system.

I've been looking on Ebay and most, if not all, of the bundles available include lots of shoot 'em up type games. Why? Is this the main type of game available? Just curious.

My current console is Nintendo N64 and I love it. The only reason I'm thinking of getting a PS2 is so I can play Kingdom Hearts and possibly Final Fantasy.

So, help and recommendations please.

Reading: Naked in Death by J D Robb
Finished Reading: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimain
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Morning all........ [Aug. 20th, 2006|12:02 pm]
Just a quickie. Here's a bargain for anyone who uses SD memory cards for their digital camera or handheld pc. 2GB SD Cards for £21.94 inc p & p

Buy Kingston 2GB SD Card (Secure Digital) for 17.99


Kingston 2GB SD Card (Secure Digital)

ONLY £17.99

Mine took 2 days to arrive.

Reading (again) : Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimain
Finished Reading: The Fifth Horseman by James Patterson
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Youtube nicked from tuckle :0) [Aug. 17th, 2006|08:44 pm]
For the pussycat lovers:

Cat Flushing Toilet

Also, would definitely recommend The Unadulterated Cat to anyone who hasn't read it A few quotes.

Currently reading: The Fifth Horseman by James Patterson
Just finished reading: Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts. (eh, was okay but not a patch on the In Death series that she writes)
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Weight.. [Aug. 16th, 2006|07:12 pm]
[music |Mama - Phil Collins]

Okay. After the shock of finding out how much weight I had put on, which was far more than I expected, I have decided that I really have to try and lose weight. Most of the additional weight has gone to my stomach. This makes it very uncomfortable when I'm sitting down as my belly rests on my legs. Same dealy when I bend down - the belly gets in the way. I seem to be holding extra fluid too so drastic measures are called for.

So. Cooked a big pot of pasta and made some sauce. Two tins of tomatoes and one of ratatouille plus various herbs and some garlic. Total calories in the sauce 258 but there is enough sauce for at least 3 or 4 days. Pasta is 358 calories per 100g and I had a 100g. Figured I'd rather pig out on the pasta than be hungry later. 'Cos when I get hungry I hit the pantry, fridge, freezer for anything I can get my hands on.

For tea, salad as usual. Lettuce, tomato, egg, tuna, coleslaw (reduced calorie, of course), cous cous and dill pickle. May throw a small cube of extra mature cheddar in there.

Bryan is supportive, as usual. He can understand why, from a health point of view, I need to lose weight but I'm really lucky in that he doesn't mind that I'm overweight.

He's still trying to tempt me, though....lol We have leftover potato and cabbage in the fridge. Just begging to be made into Bubble 'n' Squeak. I loooooove Bubble 'n' Squeak. *drool*

Currently reading: Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts
Just finished reading: Memory In Death by J D Robb
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Update [Aug. 15th, 2006|02:22 pm]
So, clinic yesterday. Blood pressure was up, cholesterol was up, weight was up and creatinine was up. I'm still here though :0)

Creatinine was only up by 5 points which is good and means the kidney is probably as stable as it is going to get. Blood pressure was 193/90 - so an increase in BP tablets. I have no idea what the cholesterol level was but the doctor doubled my meds. As for the weight, must cut down on what I'm eating and cut out the snackage during the day. 5kg in 4 weeks is not good. I eat mostly salad for my evening meal: lettuce, tomato, cottage cheese, egg, cous cous, tuna, cheese and coleslaw. During the day, I snack on biscuits and chocolate. My big thing at the moment is a crisp sandwich with mayonnaise. Can't seem to eat enough of them - and therein lies a problem. Just thinking about eating one now...lol Keeping the bread in the freezer doesn't help because the sandwich tastes better if the bread is slightly warm from the microwave. I have a problem...lol

Seriously, though, carrrying the extra weight isn't good for the kidney as it puts pressure on it and prevents it from getting rid of all the fluid it should. This could explain why, 8 months after the transplant, I'm still carrying extra fluid on my legs and feet. Very painful sometimes, too.

Currently reading: Memory in Death by J D Robb.
Just finished reading: Rage by Jonathan Kellerman, False Memory by Dean Koontz and Dead Run by P J Tracy.

So, what are you reading?
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LOLZ [Aug. 12th, 2006|03:28 am]
Sexy Thing
Staying Alive - WoW does Beegees
Final Fantasy Thriller
Lego Thriller
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Taking a break [Aug. 10th, 2006|07:19 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Boogie Shoes (in my head)]

I don't like to complain but it's damn cold here. Still, it's better than the hot weather we've had recently. Has been pouring with rain too - just how I like it. I'm wearing a warm fleecy shirt and the heating is on :)

Just taking a little break from advertising stuff on Ebay. Cheapish advertising day today and yesterday so I'm taking advantage of the reduced insertion fees.

Had my application form come today for our village horticultural show on the 9th September. I'm entering a cross-stitch piece I did that is pretty good - even if I do say so myself. If I can track down a piccie I'll post it here.

Currently reading: Rage by Jonathan Kellerman.
Just finished reading: Forever Odd - Dean Koontz (disappointing) and Faithless - Karin Slaughter (enjoyable and can't wait for next in the series)

Well, break is over and back to the grind stone. Hope everyone is well - or as well as can be expected.
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Curious...... [Aug. 5th, 2006|01:45 am]
[mood |curiouscurious]

How do you mark your place in a book you are reading?

Me, I like to use a bookmark or, failing that, any piece of paper or card will do.

At the moment, I have a Garfield cartoon that has been cut from the newspaper and covered with clear sticky tape.
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Rain stopped....boo! hiss! [Jul. 30th, 2006|08:39 pm]
The sun is trying to come out *rude gesture at the sun* lol

I think I need a new keyboard. The shift key is sticky and if I hit it too many times, it activates something called "Sticky Keys" which I don't want. Managed to finally get rid of SpywareQuake and the other little sod that came with it - Virtumonde. Took 5 days of downloading different progs until, finally, PREVX1 saw it off. Would have liked to keep running PREVX1 but it slowed the system down something awful. We've decided that we need to instal more memory. Never gave it much thought before. Just cussed because it was so slow. Seems the built in 256MB RAM isn't enough - have ordered 2 lots of 512MB and am now waiting for it to arrive to see what sort of difference it makes.

Treated myself to some more books from Amazon - The Saga of Darren Shan (vampire chronicles). I think they are aimed more at teens but I read one a while back and enjoyed it. They can be bought individually or in trilogy form. I bought the trilogies as they worked out cheaper.

Finished the Order of the Phoenix which I actually enjoyed once I sat down with it. The I went straight into The Half-Blood Prince. What can I say? I knew it. Bad to the bone. I can't wait for the next installment. I also can't wait for the next film.

Currently reading: Black Angel by John Connolly. If you haven't read any of his books, I can't recommend them enough. Best to read them in order, though. Oooh - just found out that he has a new novel out in September. Can't wait.

Tonight's viewing: The Shield and the last 2 eppies of West Wing *cry*
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